Janet 1.3.1 Documentation

Tuple Module


tuple/brackets tuple/setmap tuple/slice tuple/sourcemap tuple/type

tuple/brackets cfunction
(tuple/brackets & xs)

Creates a new bracketed tuple containing the elements xs.

tuple/setmap cfunction
(tuple/setmap tup start end)

Set the sourcemap metadata on a tuple. start and end should be integers representing byte offsets into the file. Returns tup.

tuple/slice cfunction
(tuple/slice arrtup [,start=0 [,end=(length arrtup)]])

Take a sub sequence of an array or tuple from index start inclusive to index end exclusive. If start or end are not provided, they default to 0 and the length of arrtup respectively.Returns the new tuple.

tuple/sourcemap cfunction
(tuple/sourcemap tup)

Returns the sourcemap metadata attached to a tuple. The mapping is represented by a pair of byte offsets into the the source code representing the start and end byte indices where the tuple is. 

tuple/type cfunction
(tuple/type tup)

Checks how the tuple was constructed. Will return the keyword :brackets if the tuple was parsed with brackets, and :parens otherwise. The two types of tuples will behave the same most of the time, but will print differently and be treated differently by the compiler.