Janet 1.3.1 Documentation

Fiber Module


fiber/current fiber/getenv fiber/maxstack fiber/new fiber/setenv fiber/setmaxstack fiber/status

fiber/current cfunction

Returns the currently running fiber.

fiber/getenv cfunction
(fiber/getenv fiber)

Gets the environment for a fiber. Returns nil if no such table is set yet.

fiber/maxstack cfunction
(fiber/maxstack fib)

Gets the maximum stack size in janet values allowed for a fiber. While memory for the fiber's stack is not allocated up front, the fiber will not allocated more than this amount and will throw a stack-overflow error if more memory is needed. 

fiber/new cfunction
(fiber/new func &opt sigmask)

Create a new fiber with function body func. Can optionally take a set of signals to block from the current parent fiber when called. The mask is specified as a keyword where each character is used to indicate a signal to block. The default sigmask is :y. For example, 

	(fiber/new myfun :e123)

blocks error signals and user signals 1, 2 and 3. The signals are as follows: 

	a - block all signals
	d - block debug signals
	e - block error signals
	u - block user signals
	y - block yield signals
	0-9 - block a specific user signal

The sigmask argument also can take environment flags. If any mutually exclusive flags are present, the last flag takes precedence.

	i - inherit the environment from the current fiber
	p - the environment table's prototype is the current environment table

fiber/setenv cfunction
(fiber/setenv fiber table)

Sets the environment table for a fiber. Set to nil to remove the current environment.

fiber/setmaxstack cfunction
(fiber/setmaxstack fib maxstack)

Sets the maximum stack size in janet values for a fiber. By default, the maximum stack size is usually 8192.

fiber/status cfunction
(fiber/status fib)

Get the status of a fiber. The status will be one of:

	:dead - the fiber has finished
	:error - the fiber has errored out
	:debug - the fiber is suspended in debug mode
	:pending - the fiber has been yielded
	:user(0-9) - the fiber is suspended by a user signal
	:alive - the fiber is currently running and cannot be resumed
	:new - the fiber has just been created and not yet run