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Table Module


table/clear table/clone table/getproto table/new table/rawget table/setproto table/to-struct

table/clear cfunction source
(table/clear tab)

Remove all key-value pairs in a table and return the modified table `tab`.
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table/clone cfunction source
(table/clone tab)

Create a copy of a table. Updates to the new table will not change the old table, and vice versa.
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table/getproto cfunction source
(table/getproto tab)

Get the prototype table of a table. Returns nil if a table has no prototype, otherwise returns the prototype.
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table/new cfunction source
(table/new capacity)

Creates a new empty table with pre-allocated memory for capacity entries. This means that if one knows the number of entries going to go in a table on creation, extra memory allocation can be avoided. Returns the new table.
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table/rawget cfunction source
(table/rawget tab key)

Gets a value from a table without looking at the prototype table. If a table tab does not contain t directly, the function will return nil without checking the prototype. Returns the value in the table.
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table/setproto cfunction source
(table/setproto tab proto)

Set the prototype of a table. Returns the original table tab.
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table/to-struct cfunction source
(table/to-struct tab)

Convert a table to a struct. Returns a new struct. This function does not take into account prototype tables.
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