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Event Module

Functions related to evented (asynchrnous) IO and a fiber based event loop.


ev/call ev/cancel ev/capacity ev/chan ev/chunk ev/close ev/count ev/deadline ev/do-thread ev/full ev/gather ev/give ev/give-supervisor ev/go ev/read ev/rselect ev/select ev/sleep ev/spawn ev/take ev/thread ev/with-deadline ev/write

ev/call function source
(ev/call f & args)

Call a function asynchronously.
Returns a fiber that is scheduled to run the function.
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ev/cancel cfunction
(ev/cancel fiber err)

Cancel a suspended fiber in the event loop. Differs from cancel in that it returns the canceled fiber immediately
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ev/capacity cfunction
(ev/capacity channel)

Get the number of items a channel will store before blocking writers.
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ev/chan cfunction
(ev/chan &opt capacity)

Create a new channel. capacity is the number of values to queue before blocking writers, defaults to 0 if not provided. Returns a new channel.
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ev/chunk cfunction
(ev/chunk stream n &opt buffer timeout)

Same as ev/read, but will not return early if less than n bytes are available. If an end of stream is reached, will also return early with the collected bytes.
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ev/close cfunction
(ev/close stream)

Close a stream. This should be the same as calling (:close stream) for all streams.
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ev/count cfunction
(ev/count channel)

Get the number of items currently waiting in a channel.
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ev/deadline cfunction
(ev/deadline sec &opt tocancel tocheck)

Set a deadline for a fiber `tocheck`. If `tocheck` is not finished after `sec` seconds, `tocancel` will be canceled as with `ev/cancel`. If `tocancel` and `tocheck` are not given, they default to `(fiber/root)` and `(fiber/current)` respectively. Returns `tocancel`.
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ev/do-thread macro source
(ev/do-thread & body)

Run some code in a new thread. Suspends the current fiber until the thread is complete, and
evaluates to nil.
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ev/full cfunction
(ev/full channel)

Check if a channel is full or not.
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ev/gather macro source
(ev/gather & bodies)

Run a number of fibers in parallel on the event loop, and join when they complete.
Returns the gathered results in an array.
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ev/give cfunction
(ev/give channel value)

Write a value to a channel, suspending the current fiber if the channel is full.
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ev/give-supervisor cfunction
(ev/give-supervsior tag & payload)

Send a message to the current supervior channel if there is one. The message will be a tuple of all of the arguments combined into a single message, where the first element is tag. By convention, tag should be a keyword indicating the type of message. Returns nil.
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ev/go cfunction
(ev/go fiber &opt value supervisor)

Put a fiber on the event loop to be resumed later. Optionally pass a value to resume with, otherwise resumes with nil. Returns the fiber. An optional `core/channel` can be provided as well as a supervisor. When various events occur in the newly scheduled fiber, an event will be pushed to the supervisor. If not provided, the new fiber will inherit the current supervisor.
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ev/read cfunction
(ev/read stream n &opt buffer timeout)

Read up to n bytes into a buffer asynchronously from a stream. `n` can also be the keyword `:all` to read into the buffer until end of stream. Optionally provide a buffer to write into as well as a timeout in seconds after which to cancel the operation and raise an error. Returns the buffer if the read was successful or nil if end-of-stream reached. Will raise an error if there are problems with the IO operation.
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ev/rselect cfunction
(ev/rselect & clauses)

Similar to ev/select, but will try clauses in a random order for fairness.
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ev/select cfunction
(ev/select & clauses)

Block until the first of several channel operations occur. Returns a tuple of the form [:give chan] or [:take chan x], where a :give tuple is the result of a write and :take tuple is the result of a write. Each clause must be either a channel (for a channel take operation) or a tuple [channel x] for a channel give operation. Operations are tried in order, such that the first clauses will take precedence over later clauses.
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ev/sleep cfunction
(ev/sleep sec)

Suspend the current fiber for sec seconds without blocking the event loop.
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ev/spawn macro source
(ev/spawn & body)

Run some code in a new fiber. This is shorthand for (ev/call (fn [] ;body)).
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ev/take cfunction
(ev/take channel)

Read from a channel, suspending the current fiber if no value is available.
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ev/thread cfunction
(ev/thread fiber &opt value flags)

Resume a (copy of a) `fiber` in a new operating system thread, optionally passing `value` to resume with. Unlike `ev/go`, this function will suspend the current fiber until the thread is complete. The the final result.
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ev/with-deadline macro source
(ev/with-deadline deadline & body)

Run a body of code with a deadline, such that if the code does not complete before
the deadline is up, it will be canceled.
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ev/write cfunction
(ev/write stream data &opt timeout)

Write data to a stream, suspending the current fiber until the write completes. Takes an optional timeout in seconds, after which will return nil. Returns nil, or raises an error if the write failed.
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